Setting Expectations: Goal Factoring a Blog

Goal factoring is a rationality technique that deconstructs a goal to further understand your relationship with its motives and underlying contradictions for its achievement.  It is an attempt at handling narrow framing, a cognitive bias of “focusing only on the information that is immediately at hand” (Kahneman, 2003).  It is also an attempt to make explicit the relationships between high and low level goals.

The process of goal factoring:
1) pick an action that you do frequently, or plan to do frequently.
2) list the goals of that action.
3) individually go through each goal and brainstorm new ways of achieving it.
4) notice hidden goals that come to light when designing new approaches to the action
5) how much resources will it take to do the action (money, time, attention, capital of some sort, etc.)? Are there cheaper ways to achieve the same results?
6) try to deconstruct your goals further, if possible, until you get down to your values

My goals for this blog: communicate my philosophy; further understand and grow a set of ideas that relates to a culture and ethos that i wish to create in a professional environment; internally-synthesize/externally-evolve information/perspectives on entrepreneurship, high-positive-impact start-ups, personal development, technology, applied contemporary science, and Effective Altruism.

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