Some Resources for Opinions on Technology

These two pieces of information have been most formative on my view of technology:

  1. Paul Graham’s essays and his book Hackers & Painters. The books namesake essay talks about analogies between hacking and painting.
    1. Another notable essay is The Acceleration of Addictiveness: how technological progress distills (and thus amplifies) addictive qualities, and how that process is accelerating. I feel like I cannot be for or against this process as it is inherently coupled with technological progress. I only wish to help people become more aware of necessary cultural reactions (antibodies). I’m also increasingly pessimistic of capitalistic motives differing from personal benefit in the space of increasingly addictive technologies; perhaps the most important of which are technologies that affect the way we think.
  2. The Shallows: the 2011 Pulitzer finalist about how the internet is changing our brains. I think this is an important book because it helps us understand our history with technology. I also like it because I think its a well written criticism on technologies negative impact on our attention, which is a resource that we should all try to value more.

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