Poi is a poly-rhythmic style of flow art: a dance involving two objects attached to the end of a string that each hand swings: see a video about it.

I found value in it initially because it was a gateway to soften my anxiety around dancing and it makes for great shoulder physical therapy. I continue to find value in it because (1) it is an outlet for physical expression, and feels good to do (2) its the most complex of the flow-toys in its poly-rhythms and greater degrees of freedom, and (3) it makes me feel good to bring bits of Festival culture to the Default World.

My style is put as little energy into the poi as possible, while still accomplishing some move. This gives the aesthetic of “do easy”. efficiency is great.

I also continue to find value in it because of its ability to be a micro-break throughout my day. It can make for a reminder of expression while in a professional environment (a surprising contrast in some tech cultures). Also, having something that is conducive to mental flow through physical movement makes for a nice activity to sprinkle over your day when you feel resistance towards your immediate task.  I think a context switch such as this allows for a more efficient use of willpower. Specific use cases could be after finishing a large task, or after absorbing large amounts of dense information. It can also be an intuitive activity to provide new memory associations as it becomes more System 1 driven (This generally guides the trade-off of a session being expressive or a deliberate practice to learn something new). At the very least, it makes for a good excuse to go outside and dance <(^^)>  <(^^<)  (>^^)>  <(^^)>

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