Growth Mindset

“Many aspects of intelligence, ability, and personality are deeply malleable throughout the lifespan for most people, and saying you’re not a math/art/etc. person is false and limiting. It’s also false and dangerous to say that you are a math person, etc., because it leads you to believe that you don’t need to work to improve. Some people learn things faster than others, but everyone needs to do deliberate practice in order to improve at anything. This doesn’t just apply to skills – aspects of personality are malleable – and it can also apply to groups or organizations. That’s it. Hold a growth mindset about everything so that you give yourself permission to get better at things that are hard or scary.” -Dan Greene

Growth Mindset Infographic
The Effort Effect
Humans are not Automatically Strategic

“The burn of lifting weights, for instance, would be excruciating if it were a symptom of terminal illness. But because it is associated with health and fitness, most people find it enjoyable. Here we see that cognition and emotion are not separate. The way we think about experience can completely determine how we feel about it.” -Sam Harris

“Self Complacency is comfort followed by the idea of oneself as cause.” -Spinoza

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