Good Questions

what has surprised you within spaces that you think about often?

what do you think is true, but that others would disagree with you on?

if your organization had all the resources it needed what would you do? what would be most alleviated?

Ask “Why”, but not in a random way. ask Why about things that seem wrong.

what one thing would you want to share with everyone in the world?

What is the most inspiring thing to you right now?

What are your ideals?

Questions about Vulnerability

What are the messages and expectations that define our culture and how does culture influence our behaviors?

How are our struggles and behaviors related to protecting ourselves?

How are our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions related to vulnerability and the need for a strong sense of worthiness?

What do you do when you feel emotionally exposed?

How do you behave when feeling very uncomfortable and uncertain?

How willing are you to take emotional risks?

Questions about culture

what behaviors are rewarded? Punished?

Where and how are people actually spending their resources (time, money, attention)?

What rules and expectations are followed, enforced, and ignored?

Do people feel safe and supported talking about how they feel and asking for what they need?

What are the sacred cows? Who is most likely to tip them? Who stands the cows back up?

What stories are legend and what values do they convey?

What happens when someone fails, disappoints, or makes a mistake?

How is vulnerability (uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure) perceived?

How prevalent are shame and blame and how are they showing up?

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