Sufficiently Calibrated Interest

The least convenient possible world is a type of thought experiment where you make a situation as inconvenient as possible in order to better understand its nature, and one’s motivations. I see this as being useful here when feeling the weight of Interest  in the choice function of choosing what to work on.

For me, interest is a very high priority. This is how Paul Graham thinks. Its how Google and Academics work. And it is also synonymous, to some degree, with creating a privileged project.

I like this view insofar as one is dedicated to “calibrating interest”:

But there can’t be too much compulsion here. No amount of discipline can replace genuine curiosity. So cultivating intelligence seems to be a matter of identifying some bias in one’s character—some tendency to be interested in certain types of things—and nurturing it. Instead of obliterating your idiosyncrasies in an effort to make yourself a neutral vessel for the truth, you select one and try to grow it from a seedling into a tree.” (Paul Graham)

This seems like the best way to cluster with others.

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