The Foundation Ideal for a Single Identity

The single identity goal comes mostly from the convergence of two lenses: strategy and culture. In business, there is an ongoing debate about the relationship between strategy and culture, and the relative importance of each. I view strategy as choosing a system to solve the problem at hand, and culture as being less about what we want to achieve and more about who we are. I view the convergence of strategy and culture as using a single lens for one’s personal and professional identity. This single lens feels like the most effective approach to grounding oneself.

I call this a “Foundation Ideal” because (1) we are distinctly defined by different psychological environments, and (2) it exists only to be built on top of. ‘Choosing a system to solve the problem at hand’ may eventually create concerns for Authenticity, especially for those prioritizing effective identities:

“We need to pay careful attention to whether aspects of our identities are getting in the way of our being as effective as possible. Specifically, we should watch whether our personal styles of dress and appearance, emotional reactions, or desires to express beliefs are preventing us from being as influential as possible” -Nick Cooney

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