The Horizontal Power Structure

Consider a facilitation exercise of a longitudinal social group: have the group organize from least to most powerful.

A horizontal power structure is an ideal [1]. Some personality types are more conducive to this ideal. Defining ego as an awareness of power dynamics is a lens for seeing two kinds of personality traits that get a group closer to this ideal: (1) ignorance of power dynamics, or (2) the transcendence of its awareness. Recognizing this fact is the first step towards getting closer to a horizontal power structure. I think in its ideal form, power would only exist as an averaged perception of (1) situational influence and (2) the construction of intentional direction. From this, power becomes horizontal when it doesn’t accrue.

This is not to say that hierarchies are not useful. Hierarchies are organizational, and therefor less-than. That said, hierarchies create an illusion of power insofar as they are correlated with its effects.


[1] for one, it is necessary for concensus

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